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Below you will find excerpts from pertinent hospital policies. For further information on each policy, you can read them in their entirety on the Document Management System (DMS) once you commence your placement at Grey Bruce Health Services. Your preceptor and Manager can assist you in locating this resource.

Smoke Free Environment ADMIN-1330

Grey Bruce Health Services is a smoke-free workplace.  We are pleased to promote a healthy, smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted on hospital property. Those that wish to smoke on their break or lunchtime are required to leave the property. 

Scent Safe XI-20

Adverse allergic or medical reactions due to fragrances are common.  In consideration of others and these potential reactions, please refrain from using scented products.

AODA Customer Service IV-175

Grey Bruce Health Services is committed to providing an environment that is accessible to all.  We continuously monitor the requirements of the Ontario Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and remove barriers to improve accessibility.  Please visit our website to review our Annual Accessibility Plan or make a suggestion to improve accessibility at GBHS.

Personal Appearance IX-60

In all areas of GBHS, a dress code is in effect to maintain a professional appearance and to ensure patient and staff safety.  In some areas of the hospital, you may be required to wear a uniform or business casual item. Your supervisor will be able to share the unit/department specific dress code for your area. 

Footwear Policy IV-80

It is the policy of GBHS that all employees and students must wear a safe shoe while at work. During the winter months, employees and students must also wear sturdy footwear designed for snow and ice, to prevent slips and falls outdoors.  Please ask your Placement Supervisor if you are not certain what kind of footwear is required in your area.

Personal Devices XI-10

Personal devices such as cell phones can only be used during scheduled breaks in designated areas of the hospital. 

Incident Reporting

If you are injured while on placement, please report it to your clinical instructor and OHS through the electronic incident reporting system.

Needle Stick/Body Fluid exposure

GBHS uses Safety Engineered Medical Sharps for your protection please use these devices. If you do have a needle stick or body fluid exposure, report it to your clinical instructor and OHS through the electronic incident reporting system; appropriate follow up will be provided.

Violence Prevention

GBHS has many programs in place to help mitigate the risk of violence. These include security, panic buttons, Alert Codes, Code White Response and Video Surveillance.

How to report Workplace Violence

GBHS has zero tolerance for work place violence or harassment.  If you feel you are a victim of workplace violence, please contact your clinical instructor or Human Resources. Please refer to Violence Prevention Policy-Admin 1220 for more information.


The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is a system, which identifies controlled products and their hazards and makes sure this information gets to Canadian workplaces. WHMIS is “workers-right-to-know” legislation and it provides specific hazard information where controlled products are used. WHMIS 2015 has now been aligned with the Global Harmonized System, which is an internationally consistent approach to classifying chemicals and communicating hazard information through labels and safety data sheets.